Carpet Cleaning


The Heiser Group implements two primary methods for specialty carpet cleaning:


Commonly known as steam carpet cleaning, The Heiser Group's Hot Water Extraction introduces highly pressurized hot water to agitate the carpet fibers and dissolve dirt in the carpet. This involves applying a cleaning agent, agitating the carpet fibers with a rotary brush, and a final rinsing.

Commercial Cleaning: $0.30–$0.40/sq. ft.

Realty Cleaning: Stating at $400.00 Quoted per Property.


Unlike the Hot Water Extraction, The Heiser Group's Bonnet Cleaning focuses primarily on the carpet's surface. We apply a heavy duty motorized rotary machine into a cleaning agent, and then apply the spinning bonnet pad to the carpet fibers. This process absorbs dirt from the carpeting and is great for a rapid spot-cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning: $400.00/Day

No Mess.
Less Stress.

"Good enough" is not an option for us! For a professional cleaning service in Chicagoland that gets the job done right, contact The Heiser Group today.

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