How We Work

Evaluation & Customization

The Heiser Group evaluates your facility, tailoring our approach to each client’s individual cleaning needs. We then assemble a customized cleaning schedule to meet our customer’s cleaning and financial requirements as it pertains to their home or facility. During this process, our team is adamant about providing professional expertise, honestly, and integrity. We have a no-nonsense approach so the person that customizes your cleaning schedule is your main contact throughout our entire working relationship


The Heiser Group obtains both proper equipment and the right employees to satisfy your customized cleaning schedule. We provide environmentally safe cleaning chemicals that achieve impressive cleaning results for your facility. Our route supervisors directly train our employees on-site to ensure they follow the correct cleaning schedule for optimal results.


The Heiser Group takes pride in our average customer retention rate of 7.5 years while all other janitorial services lose 55% of their accounts on an annual basis. We provide the highest level of customer service with rapid response times. Along with our on-site supervision both the Owner and General Manager perform quarterly audits of each facility to ensure nothing is being overlooked and to guarantee 100% satisfaction day in and day out.

The Results
Our Customers Know Best

Don't just take our word for it.  What do the other families and business owners say?

They were knowledgeable and really helped us prepare for adjusting our sanitary practices as Covid-19 was rolling in. They keep us updated on our cleaning practices.

Christophe Walker Flodstrom

After major remodeling and renovation in our building, it was a disaster. David came in and assessed the situation and sent his two best guys. In one evening, they cleaned the inside of the building completely.

Tom Strossner

Personal touch when they clean.

Michael R. Collet

The Heiser Group is a wonderful family-owned company that has been apart of the community for years. They did work on our office when we moved and did a fantastic job!

Andrea Biwer

The Heiser Group has been cleaning our facility for over 10 years and their professionalism and customer care is as high today as it was the day they started.

Matthew Hollis

I have used The Heiser Group to do a professional cleaning in our building. They were on time, courteous, and reasonably priced. We will definitely refer them.

Jerry Berger

We used The Heiser Group for a variety of cleaning services from carpet cleaning to weekly office cleaning and supplies. The quality and value were far better than our previous cleaning service.

Jared Dellinger

I have been extremely pleased with The Heiser Group! I have used other services, but this company has exceeded my expectations. Thank you to the Heiser Group for your 10-star service!

Sandee Varjavandi

Excellent Service.

Felipe Catalan

Willing to work outside normal business hours. Staff did a wonderful job on refinishing our floors and bringing our bathroom tile grout back to its original color.

Ernest Nelson

The Heiser Group is the go-to for pro-level cleaning expertise. The workers are the utmost in their professionalism and personal courtesy. The folks are customer service-oriented and it really shows!

Shane Walsh

The Heiser Group offers excellent customer service and their professional cleaning skills are second to none. I would highly recommend their services!

Lauren Munson

I have used the Heiser Group for my new listings for sale. I offer my sellers a "q-tip clean" on the day the property goes on the market. This is a detailed, deep clean. I trust them in my client's home.

Caroline Gau

The Heiser Group cleans our office twice weekly. Very professional and thorough. They also do random quality to be sure their staff is doing a good job. Keeps our office fresh and clean.

Lori Frisch

I used The Heiser Group to do a disinfectant spray of my office. They were quick, courteous, kept me up to date, and very professional. Highly recommend them for business and personal use.

Eli Williams

No Mess.
Less Stress.

"Good enough" is not an option for us! For a professional cleaning service in Chicagoland that gets the job done right, contact The Heiser Group today.

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