3 Tips for Cleaning a Carpeted Office

November 1, 2019

3 Tips for Cleaning a Carpeted Office

Having a carpeted office has its benefits, such as comfort, but it lacks in the area of cleanliness.

Where on tile you instantly notice stains, dust, and crumbs, in a carpet they can go unnoticed for days. And, obviously, removing stains is much tougher.

Here are a few tips to help your office maintain a cleaner workplace carpet.

1. Vacuuming and basic upkeep

We’ll start with the most obvious which is to vacuum regularly, and have a cleaning plan in place so that it never goes too long without being cleaned.

Vacuuming is the most important factor in maintaining your carpet (and doing so will pick up ~80% of the dirt found in it.) So, you should ideally vacuum everyday but, let’s face it, nobody has time for that, so every few days should be fine.

For the remaining 20% of the dirt and debris not picked up by the vacuum, you’ll need to do a little deep cleaning. For this, you can call in an expert (as we will note below) or do some cleaning with basic tools like vinegar, baking soda, and a detergent.

2. Have a Plan for Spills and Stains

Catching a spill early is the key to preventing it from setting and affecting your carpet long term. So, firstly, you need to have the tools readily available to everyone in the office.

Make it known where they are and how to use them. This knowledge will help people know exactly what to do and reduce the chances somebody spills and forgets.

For products to use, there are a huge number of readily available remedies sold in stores to help deal with hard stains and, most of the time, all you need is some product, a brush, and a vacuum, which should all be already in your office.

If no cleaner is available, there are seemingly infinite home remedies using other things you may find around the office like salt, vinegar, and even WD-40.

3. When in Doubt, Go With the Pros

If things get out of hand or you start to notice lingering smells or stains, it might be time to call in the professionals and be sure to do everything you can to prepare the office for their arrival:

  • Remove fragile and breakable items from the area waiting to be cleaned so that nothing of value is broken or lost.
  • Move furniture and clear the way for the cleaners to make sure nothing hinders them from doing the job.
  • Find the areas that need cleaning the heaviest to show the cleaners where to concentrate their efforts.

If you have a carpeted office, you may not know everything that needs to be done to keep it clean as clean as possible. That’s where The Heiser Group comes into play.

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